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Episode 2- Talking about Zika Virus

Episode 2- Talking about Zika Virus

Recording Time: 5th August, 2016; 8:00 pm IST

Topic: Talking about Zika Virus

Episode Highlights:

1. Basic Biology

  • Identification History
  • Structure and genetic make up
  • Earlier epidemiological situations
  • Current epidemiology- Asian context and Global context

2. Animal models for Zika research

3. Treatment and vaccine strategies

4. Microcephaly and Zika virus correlation

References and links:

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  1. Very Nice Program Sagar Vai and Other Indian Friends. Keep going Allthe best.

  2. its v good initiative just keep it up.
    secondally dude i need literature on zika virus cause i want to write review of litrature on zika virus so can you guys hlep me in this matter ?

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