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Microbiology Talk missions for discussion of microbiology mysteries that brings out points to think about. We welcome students, researchers, scientists and professors to join and talk in of our show. This is an open application for motivated thinkers and doers willing to explain their research to a wider audience.

Why Should you apply?

Microbiology as a science is becoming more complex and there is a difficulty in understanding research. Most researchers have insight into research problems and have published a lot. But the research is largely unknown to a wider audience creating a gap. Our show gives you a platform to talk about your work to a wide audience.

Who Should Apply?

If you are a Microbiologist, Virologist, Immunologist or science communicator with keen interests in Microbiology or immunology, you could join us. This podcast show is open and anyone with significant contributions to research is welcome. We look for innovators and scientists with significant publications in research. If you have someone in mind who can be a part of our radio show, we would be happy to know.

Application Process


Post application process

MiTalk selects people based on achievements, novelty and passion for scientific communication in the field of Microbiology. Please expect a maximum delay of 48 hours in our response. We will contact persons who we feel appropriate to the theme of our talk show.

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