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Episode 1- Hidden mechanisms for Biofilms against antibiotics

Episode 1- Hidden mechanisms for Biofilms against antibiotics

Recording Time: 26th July 2016; 8:00 pm IST

Topic: Biofilms and antibiotic resistance mechanism

Episode Highlights:

Basic understanding of biofilm

  • Structure of ¬†biofilm
  • Steps in a formation of a biofilm
  • Problems associated with biofilms in clinical settings

How a biofilm protects against antibiotics

  • Physical barrier
  • Efflux pump
  • Antibiotics as biofilm signals

Current state of research on drugs that can target biofilm

  • Anti-Biofilm strategies that are under investigation- Bactericidal strategies, anti adhesion strategies, Modulation of dispersing signals.
  • Acyldepsipeptides (ADEPs)

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